Andrew Knightly Brown

Architectural Specification Writer

Architectural Specification Writing Services

CAD has revolutionised the drawing process but many architects no longer have the knowledge, expertise, or interest to write specifications.

With an increasingly complex construction industry, and changing methods of procurement, there has never been greater pressure on architects to prepare high quality contract documentation, including the specification, and to prepare it in less-and-less time.

An experienced specification writer can significantly reduce the overall time taken to prepare specifications, even after allowing for the time required for briefing from other members of the design team, and the end result will be far better as well.

If your practice is not large enough to justify a full-time specification writer, why not consider outsourcing?

If you are interested in discussing outsourcing in more detail, please email me at with very brief details of your requirements (project type, construction cost, and programme are sufficient) and this will enable me to respond as quickly as possible, and in the most appropriate way.

About me

I am a UK-registered architect with more than 35 years experience of the UK, European, and North American construction industries.

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