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Specification writing

"Specification : Written information prepared by the design team for use by the construction team, the main purpose of which is to define the products to be used, the quality of work, any performance requirements, and the conditions under which the work is to be executed." [ Production information: a code of procedure for the construction industry ]

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Why outsource specification writing?

CAD has revolutionised the drawing process but many architects no longer have the knowledge, expertise, or interest to write specifications.

With an increasingly complex construction industry, and changing methods of procurement, there has never been greater pressure on architects to prepare high quality contract documentation, including the specification, and to prepare it in less-and-less time.

An experienced specification writer can significantly reduce the overall time taken to prepare specifications, even after allowing for the time required for briefing from other members of the design team, and the end result will be far better as well.

If your practice is not large enough to justify a full-time specification writer, why not consider outsourcing?

Why outsource specification writing to me?

With over thirty years of UK experience, I have an established track record of specification writing for projects of all sizes and all ranges of complexity.

I use the industry-standard NBS Building specification system, in Standard and Minor Works versions, for all the specifications which I write, so you can be assured that they will be delivered in the most widely-accepted, and most easily-understood, format.

I have considerable experience of tailoring both prescriptive and performance specifications to suit different methods of building procurement including standard JCT, Design-and-Build, PFI, and construction management.

I have developed methods for using NBS Building as the basis for Employer's Requirements specifications, appropriate for Design-and-Build and PFI-type contracts. The specifications are prepared in a format which facilitates easy transition to a full contract specification when required.

I have exchanged information on technical issues with NBS over many years and have developed bespoke clauses for situations where it is desirable to supplement the published NBS text.

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